More about the music, and me

This music is, above all, personal. I play all of the instruments, record, mix and master as well. With a background in classical music and high fidelity/electronics/loudspeakers, (more about this on my private homepage):
it is natural that I want to use this experience in my music. As a consequence, this music is mixed and produced for hifi listening, preferably with high quality equipment. I use all of the frequency range, bass can be as low as 20 Hz, and dynamics are very large compared to standard internet streaming tunes. My music takes time, as much time as I need to tell the story.
Quality is another matter. Everything is recorded i 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, and this is what I would like the listener to experience. However, there are market restrictions,and other practical limits. My choice is to offer the music for download as single files, and as a CD album. All of the musical examples are .mp3 files, but with a quality set of headphones, you get a fair impression of the music. With small computer speakers, you lose most of the musical information.
Since my music is quite different from piece to piece (maybe you don't like all of it!!), it was natural to add the possibility to buy/download single files. This site links to my webshop (Gateway Music) where you can buy the CD, and to the platforms for file download. My music does not exist on any streaming platform, and I intend to keep things like that. So, welcome to listen to my music, I hope you will find it interesting!!

Electrical Music CV
I have played piano since I was 7 years old, celloplaying started when I was 10, and guitar on and off since around 15. Studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark, with cello as main, and piano as side instrument.
I started to work with keyboards, electric guitars, software synths and similar around 2002, and some of the music from that time has found it's way into my present material. Quality of soundcards and plugins have increased dramatically during the years, and this development goes on.
Today, it is inspiring and challenging to be in full control of all aspects of my music production, and I hope the listener will enjoy the results of many, many hours of work.