Somewhat Sentimental

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Somewhat Sentimental
This piece has a rather strange background. It started off as an improvisation, a combination of harmony and melody, that slowly turned into the quite long start. Instruments in the beginning were computer/synth/midi keyboard, and the melody was played on electric guitar. It stayed in this form for quite a while, unwilling to move on. A synth solo middle part was added, and a return of the opening melody established the familiar A B A form. A short intro was added. But it was not right. The guitar was replaced by a cello, which was more cantabile, and clearly a step in the right direction. As a cadeau to two friends, who have played some of my music, I decided to create a classical church organ/ english horn version, with the possibility for the musicians to, within a fixed framework, improvise some of the melodic content. The solo part can be played by other instruments with comparable timbre, and up to now, there are versions for cello and flugelhorn.

This excerpt is a live recording, from the first performance in Korsvejskirken, Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014. Christoph Neuerburg plays English Horn, and Niels Henrik Jessen plays the Organ.