Lørdag aften

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Det var en lørdag aften
Det var en lørdag aften (on a saturday afternoon) is a well-known Danish folk song about a man waiting for a woman, who disappoints him by not turning up at the agreed meeting place.
First draft was a standard variation layout, with the melody going through variations in form, tempo and tonality, but after variation 3 the piece, almost by itself, changed character. It was as if the music forced me in a new direction. Suddenly it was no more standard variation (where you always should be able to hear/identify the theme); but the theme itself was altered, and changed form. Variation was no more an appropriate title, mutation was far more adequate.
The mood through the piece's 7 mutations undergoes a change from initial optimism through anger to total despair.....
There is also an 8 celli version.

The Finale music notation program simulations (that are used for most of the excerpts), are far from perfect. I could have used recordings from an actual performance, but the simulations provide a "neutral" interpretation, and together with the score, they give a fairly relevant picture of the music in question.