Composer CV

The first piece of music that I wrote was a small piano piece, I was about 8 years old and it was very short. Later on came more pieces, mostly for piano, including a variation over one of my own themes. When I was around 15, I wrote a string quartet movement, and later on a complete string quartet.
I started at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen at the age of 20, with cello as main instrument. I received some teaching (and much inspiration and encouragement!) from the well-known Danish composer Niels Viggo Bentzon, but consider myself mostly self-taught, or autodidakt. Niels Viggo Bentzon's inspiration lead to my official opus 1, Sonatine for Harp, Clarinet and Cello. First performance took place at the conservatory, and the piece was later on included on Danish TV. Shortly after came the Cello sonata, and Colors for 2 guitars and Vibraphone.
During the following years I became interested in Swedish folk music, and used this kind of material in a number of smaller compositions for organ, violin, cello and voice. In 1986 I wrote the last piece from this period, and then there was more than 25 years of silence. My own version is that the well ran dry - for some reason the inspiration disappeared. My life as full-time professional cellist took too much time, and I had (and still have!) many other interests.
In 2012, for a number of reasons, the desire to compose came back, and I wrote Transformations for 7 celli, which also include folk music themes from Sweden. Since then, the list of compositions has grown considerably, and I find, somewhat surprised, that there are more ideas and hopefully, more future compositions ahead than I dared to believe when I composed "Transformations" after so many years of silence.